Willy/Milly (aka Something Special)

1986, 90m, 35mm, U.S.

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Screened April 4, 2018

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Imagine an ABC Afterschool Special with a queer sensibility and a sophisticated sense of humor and you might arrive at Willy/Milly. A young Pamela Adlon (then Segall) stars as a teenaged girl who gets her wish and magically transforms into a boy. As Willy, Milly gets a taste of what life is like for the opposite sex: his girlfriend develops a different kind of interest in him, as does his new pal Alfie… Playing extensively on homoerotic potential and having fun with traditional gender roles, the film disappeared from view following a brief release in 1986—and has been unseen theatrically since. With an outstanding Patty Duke as Milly’s mother.

Jenni Olson’s personal 35mm print

With filmmaker and archivist Jenni Olson in person

A film by Paul Schneider