Zazie dans le Métro + La Jetée

1960, 93m, 35mm, France

(total runtime: 121m)

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Screened March 8–12, 2018

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Klein’s iconic, eye-popping art direction brings Raymond Queneau’s bestselling children’s novel to life and then some in Louis Malle’s beloved, exhilarating film. Paris is transformed into a glittering urban playground for the titular gap-toothed 10-year-old, who moves through the city like a Tasmanian Devil while visiting uncle Philippe Noiret during a métro strike.

Screening with:

La Jetée (Chris Marker, 1962, France, 28m, 35mm)

The English narration for Marker’s milestone photo-roman short about memory, a time travel experiment, and the aftermath of World War III was supplied by William Klein, who can also be briefly glimpsed in the film.

A film by Louis Malle

A film by Chris Marker