Fresh Meat: Giallo Restorations Part II

Che cosa! This July, we descend into the depths of gory giallo mayhem with a fresh selection of newly-restored films that span both the artsploitation ambitions and the dirty-deeds-done-dirt-cheap of the genre. Once a shorthand for Italian paperback pulp fiction, the term giallo was soon claimed by the cinema, its purveyors wading into eyeball-slicing, lurid sex-and-violence-filled dark waters. Our second survey encompasses unexpected field trips for casts and crews, hot-button topics to make the viewer squirm, surprise appearances, and—as always—titles that themselves go for baroque. So put on your leather gloves, sharpen your knives, and feast yourselves on this bloody summer banquet.

All titles are New York premiere restorations courtesy of Arrow Films.

Click here to watch the trailer for our Giallo Restorations series.

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