But I’m a Cheerleader (Director’s Cut)

1999, U.S., 91m, 4K DCP

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Screened June 3, 2022

Babbit asked screenwriter Brian Wayne Peterson to mine his own experiences with conversion therapy for a rollicking yet pointed female-driven tale. High school senior Natasha Lyonne may be moving towards a lesbian identity, but first she must navigate her discomfited parents (Bud Cort and Mink Stole) and the “True Directions” camp that they’ve signed her up for. The costuming is by Alix Friedberg (later an Emmy Award winner for Big Little Lies). With Clea DuVall, Michelle Williams, Melanie Lynskey, Cathy Moriarty, Julie Delpy, and RuPaul Charles.

A film by Jamie Babbitt