Pride Rewind: Queer Cinematic Landmarks and Breakthroughs

The Quad’s rich history of LGBTQIA+ movies dates back to the theater’s grand opening 50 years ago. This anniversary calls for a celebration — and, at what better time than during Pride Month?

Queer cinema has always manifested as an evolving dialogue among filmmakers, performers, and audience members. There is a unifying power in going to the movies together and experiencing representation in the context of communal viewing. This retrospective encompasses groundbreaking fiction and essential nonfiction, auteur statements by queer filmmakers and allies alike, and works that got made by any means necessary. From DIY indies to studio comedies to depictions that were defining and illuminating, the Quad invites moviegoers to take these journeys into a cinematic past that presents thrillingly in the here and now.

Past Screenings