2009, U.S., 92m, DCP

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Screened June 4, 2021

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Directed by Adam Salky and written by David Brind, this 2009 teen drama centers around three high school seniors—an aspiring actress (Emmy Rossum), her misfit best friend (Ashley Springer), and a loner (Zach Gilford)—who become engaged in an intimate and complicated relationship. Featuring Alan Cumming, Ana Gasteyer, and Rooney Mara.

Official Selection: Outfest, Hamptons International Film Festival

A film by Adam Salky

Mr. Salky and Mr. Brind have tried to combine John Hughes with Rainer Werner Fassbinder, an effort that is much less crazy, and far more persuasive, than it might sound.”

A.O. Scott, The New York Times