Celebrate Pride

Quad Cinema celebrates Pride with a diverse collection of LGBTQ+ favorites new and old, including new 4K restorations of Fred Halsted’s iconic 1972 experimental erotic film L.A. Plays Itself and his lesser-known but equally ambitious 1975 follow-up Sextool. Drag takes center stage for Richard Day’s hilarious, campy 2003 romp Girls Will Be Girls, starring Jack Plotnick, Coco Peru, and Varla Jean Merman. Day also wrote and directed the 2004 Rock Hudson-inspired farce Straight-Jacket, set in 1950s Hollywood and starring Matt Letscher as a closeted movie star. We’re also screening William Friedkin’s highly controversial 1980 classic (and Quad favorite) Cruising, starring Al Pacino, and 2009’s unconventional high school coming-of-age drama Dare, starring Emmy Rossum. Featuring appearances by special guests on opening weekend!

Past Screenings