Like Crazy

2011, 90m, DCP, U.S.

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Screened August 8, 2019

Part of the program

This intimate, freewheeling modern romance became a Sundance sensation, taking home the Grand Jury Prize and solidifying both Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones as leading acting talents. Inspired by writer-director Doremus’ own experience, Anna (Jones) and Jacob (Yelchin) meet cutely enough in college in LA. Instant attraction quickly turns into love— like, crazy love—but visa troubles (hers U.K., his U.S.) put a strain on their relationship, imposing distances both geographic and emotional. The palpable chemistry between the two young actors speaks to the hopeless romantic in all of us even as the film confronts the inevitability of growing up and growing apart. Also featuring a young Jennifer Lawrence fresh off Winter’s Bone.

Screening with Green Room as part of the program Anton Yelchin x 2. Special double feature price with of $20 (individual film tickets also available).

Love, Antosha opens Fri August 9

A film by Drake Doremus