Nouvelle Vague

1990, 89m, 35mm, France/Switzerland

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Screened September 7–11, 2018

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Godard’s conceit for the film is that its dialogue and/or soundtrack is constructed entirely from existing literary quotations, as man of mystery Delon materializes chez wealthy Domiziana Giordano (Nostalghia). Making himself at home, he then drowns… and later reappears in the form of his twin brother (still Delon). The actor jumped at the chance to finally work with Godard, whom he marveled had “the whole film in his head, and, in his heart… He uses the camera like a pen.”

In French with English subtitles

Print courtesy of the Institut Français, thanks to the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, New York

A film by Jean-Luc Godard