O Fantasma + The Sex Garage

2000, Portugal, 87m, DCP

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Screened June 10, 2022

Rodrigues (The OrnithologistTo Die Like a Man) made his feature directorial debut with, and co-wrote, this story of obsession that was named Best Feature at NYC’s longtime LGBTQIA+ films showcase NewFest. Trash collector Ricardo Meneses works the night shift in Lisbon, where colleague Beatriz Torcato has eyes for him; but he is riveted by elusive motorcyclist Andre Barbosa.

In Portuguese with English subtitles

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The Sex Garage

Fred Halsted, 1972, U.S., 35m, DCP

This short film by Halsted (L.A. Plays Itself) traffics in gearheads and erotica, and the explicit commingling of same.

A film by João Pedro Rodrigues