Saturday Night at the Baths

1975, U.S., 86m, 4K DCP

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Screened June 4–6, 2022

Touted on the theatrical-release poster as being “Filmed on location in New York City at the world famous Continental Baths” (on Manhattan’s Upper West Side), the city’s destination gay club/hookup spot/performance space (seating hundreds) for nearly a decade; founder and proprietor Steve Ostrow plays himself, as a Montana transplant (Robert Aberdeen) books a pianist gig at the Baths and is drawn to a staffer (Don Scotti). Cinematographer Ralf D. Bode, operating his own camera, would soon capture yet more NYC nightlife in Saturday Night Fever.

N.Y. Premiere of brand new 4K digital restoration from Altered Innocence! 

A film by David Buckley