Shoah: Second Era

1985, 292m (with intermission), 35mm, France/UK

Showtimes & Tickets

Screened November 11–17, 2018

Marcel Ophüls, whose The Sorrow and the Pity had been the standard-bearer for documentaries about the genocide of the Jews, praised Lanzmann’s film as “the greatest documentary about contemporary history ever made.” Nearly seven years of interviews, and five years of editing went into the building of this staggering cinematic monument, created without recourse to WWII-era archival footage, which in turn spurred many more additions to the historical record.

In English, French, German, Polish, Yiddish, and Hebrew with English subtitles

Shoah will be screened in two parts on November 11 & 17, each with separate admission (special $30 ticket price for both parts).

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