The Exchange

2011, Israel/Germany, 94m, DCP

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Screened January 31, 2023

A man comes home at a time of day he’s never been there before. A time when the light hits it differently, when the humming of the fridge is the only audible sound. For a moment it seems to him like he has walked into the house of a stranger, empty and silent at a desolate mid-day hour. All of a sudden, he sees the ordinary objects that make up his life — the parking lot, the stairs, the full mailboxes — in a new light. Observing from the outside, he is awed by the mystery and magic of his own life. But is this life still truly his own? A Match Factory release

In Hebrew with English subtitles

Official Selection: Venice Film Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival

Co-sponsored by the Israel Office of Cultural Affairs, Consulate General of Israel in New York.

A film by Eran Kolirin