The Son of the Sheik

1926, U.S., 70m, DCP

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Screened December 15, 2021

“The Greatest Lover That Ever Lived! – in a romance blazing with desert love – and fired with dramatic revenge!”

Rudolph Valentino returns to the role that made him a star, in tragically what would turn out to be his last film. Adapted from the Edith Maude Hull romance novel by Frances Marion and Fred de Gresac, George Fitzmaurice’s The Son of the Sheik brings pomp and spectacular passion to the tale of the son of a sheikh (Valentino) who falls in love with a dancing girl (Vilma Bánky). Shot in Yuma, Arizona, the film features critically acclaimed action sequences as well as what many would consider Valentino’s finest performance in the dual roles of Ahmed, the son of the sheikh, and Ahmed’s father, the sheikh himself.

New 2K restoration by the Cohen Film Collection, featuring an orchestral score by Carl Davis

A film by George Fitzmaurice