1983, 100m, DCP, UK/West Germany/U.S.

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Screened October 26, 2019

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Christine (Sandy McLeod), a bright and unassuming young woman, takes a job selling tickets at a porno theater near Times Square. Instead of distancing herself from the dark and erotic nature of this milieu, Christine soon develops an obsession that begins to consume her life. The character’s reaction unexpectedly flips normal gender roles; director Gordon daringly twists feminist ideology by showing a woman who finds self-expression through an interest in pornography. Variety becomes even more provocative when it dramatizes the changes that occur in Christine’s relationships with both Mark (Will Patton), her boyfriend, and Louie, a dangerous-looking patron of the theater.

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Bette Gordon, 1974, 3m, DCP, U.S.

I-94 explores the male and female sexual identities through two people that never appear onscreen together. It exemplifies Bette Gordon’s willingness to tackle topics like eroticism through the female gaze. While the short is only three minutes long, the intimacy captured of the two characters speaks volumes.

As one of Gordon’s experimental collaborations with avant-garde filmmaker James Benning. I-94 gives viewers a rare dual perspective of the male gaze and the incisive reversal of it, with an uncompromising study into masculinity.


A film by Bette Gordon