Wanted for Murder

1946, U.K., 103m, DCP

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Screened May 18, 2022

Co-adapted by Emeric Pressburger (sans Michael Powell) with Rodney Ackland from the successful 1937 play, Wanted for Murder stars Eric Portman as a respectable businessman with some ominous lineage — his father was the Queen’s hangman. Following a classic gothic horror trajectory, Victor Colebrook (Portman), haunted by his late father’s vocation, takes up where his old man left off by picking up unhappy people (namely young London shopgirls) and putting them out of their purported misery. A slight hiccup occurs when he falls for the lovely Anne Fielding (Dulcie Gray), who he believes can save him from himself if only she would agree to marry him (and he doesn’t strangle her first).

A film by Lawrence Huntington