Women From Ghetto Film School

2018, 31m, DCP

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Screened October 25, 2019

Part of the program

Fri October 25 3pm

Ghetto Film School (GFS) is an award-winning nonprofit founded in 2000 to educate, develop and celebrate the next generation of great American storytellers. With locations in New York City, Los Angeles and London, GFS is the most elite and inclusive film academy in the world, equipping students for top universities and careers in the creative industries through two tracks: an introductory education program for high school students and early-career support for alumni and young professionals. GFS annually serves over 6,000 individuals, 14-34 years of age.

This selection of films highlights young women in GFS’ fellowship. These films speak to topics of identity formation, complex relationships and acceptance of our mortality. Written through the lens of young women, this screening represents some of the best new voices of the next generation.

Dir. Nile Garcia and written by Alexandra Faye Freidman, 7m

Como Las Cigarras
Dir. Lola Kenet and Produced/written by Anes Ollivier-Yamin, 7m

How to Cure Cancer
Chelsea Brito, 15m

Julie Lozano, 2m

Presented by Ghetto Film School