Women in Film Programming – Panel

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Screened October 25, 2019

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While filmmakers are often the focus of discussion about the perspectives that unspool on screens, the programmer plays a critical role in access, creating a platform for new talent, and shaping contemporary notions of film history. In this panel, we’ll hear from three women whose experiences represent a diverse spectrum of curatorial outlets including first-run cinemas, festivals, and repertory programs. In addition to covering the general roles and responsibilities of professional programmers, the panel will speak to the intersectional politics of archives, distribution, and access, and the unique challenges — and successes — of presenting women’s stories on screen.

The discussion will also touch on the largely under-sung history of women in curating and collecting film. Panelists include Mahen Bonetti, founder and executive director of the African Film Festival; Cristina Cacioppo, programmer of Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Brooklyn; and Nellie Killian of dozens of series including “Tell Me: Women Filmmakers, Women’s Stories,” the Migrating Forms festival, and the Sarasota Film Festival. Jon Dieringer, programmer, archivist, and founder of Screen Slate, will moderate.

Photo of Mahen Bonetti taken by Brigitte Lacombe

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Panelists Mahen Bonetti Cristina Cacioppo Nellie Killian

Moderated by Jon Dieringer