Battling Butler

1926, 78m, 4K DCP, U.S.

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Screened November 15–21, 2019

Keaton’s highest-grossing hit, this comedy of mistaken identity bounces between two men named Alfred Butler—one a mannered millionaire, the other a world-champion heavyweight boxer. Coincidence brings them together in the backwoods of Kentucky, where Butler-the-fop falls in love with a mountain girl, but not before antagonizing Butler-the-brute into a Madison Square Garden grudge match. In true Keaton fashion, the culmination of fisticuffs showcases his unparalleled physical genius. Featuring a new orchestral score by Robert Israel.

New York Premiere 4K restoration

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1921, 20m, 4K DCP, U.S.

The classic Pyramus and Thisbe legend takes a ribbing in this riotous tale about two tenement lovers who are separated by a high backyard fence. Keaton nonchalantly performs daring acrobatic feats as he traverses clotheslines, teeter-totters, and telephone poles to reach his beloved. Featuring a new musical score by Jon C. Mirsalis.

A film by Buster Keaton

Wed April 17

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Wed April 24