Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

1976, Brazil, 117m, 4K DCP

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Screened March 3–12, 2020

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Jorge Amado’s seductive 1966 novel has had myriad adaptations, including a Broadway musical and a Mexican telenovela, but none has endured like Barreto’s (meta)physical sex comedy, which reigned as Brazil’s all-time, top-grossing movie for over three decades—and was remade in America as Kiss Me Goodbye with Sally Field, James Caan, and Jeff Bridges.

Leading lady Sônia Braga—back on-screen this March in the acclaimed Bacurau—became an international star via her torrid performance as Flor, who can’t resist the carnal charms of her philandering ne’er-do-well husband. After he drops dead, she remarries into a more stable union but when her late spouse reappears as a spirit, the flesh is all too willing to re-engage. Originally screening at the Quad in 1978, this comic and erotic precursor to Ghost returns in a 4K restoration.

Still courtesy of the Everett Collection.

A film by Bruno Barreto