Get Out Your Handkerchiefs

1978, France/Belgium, 109mDCP

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Screened April 26, 2023

Blier reconvened his Going Places leading men, Gérard Depardieu and Patrick Dewaere, for a sweeter and funnier exploration of love and its shifting configurations. Doting spouse Depardieu attempts to alleviate wife, Carole Laure’s depression, even if it means opening their marriage up to accommodate school teacher Dewaere—but as it turns out, her preferred bedmate is bullied schoolboy Riton Liebman. With Michel Serrault (La Cage aux Folles) as a concerned neighbor. In the U.S., the movie won the National Society of Film Critics award for Best Picture and then the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, while back home Georges Delerue’s score earned the composer his first César Award.

In French with English subtitles.

Winner of the 1979 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

40th anniversary 2K restoration

A film by Bertrand Blier

Get Out Your Handkerchiefs makes you unreasonably happy.”

Pauline Kael