Hail Mary

1985, France, 108m, DCP

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Screened October 19, 2022

Mary (Myriem Roussel) is a teenage basketball-playing gas-station attendant who receives the Annunciation by jetliner. Following a warning from an angel, a confused and innocent Mary unexpectedly falls pregnant and is forced to wed her taxi-driving boyfriend, Joseph (Thierry Rode). Mary and Joseph, along with their family and friends, struggle to cope as the provocative theme unfolds. Hail Mary is a sensational and bold work from Godard, which touched off an uproar of protest heard around the world.

In French with English subtitles

A film by Jean-Luc Godard

Deeply wounds the religious sentiments of believers.”

Pope John Paul II

A film of great sensitivity and yearning… A meditation on the phenomenal, manifested as nature, biology, kinship, and sexual desire.”

Noel Murray, The Dissolve

Wed April 24