The Navigator

1924, 66m, 2K DCP, U.S.

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Screened November 15–21, 2019

The hapless and wealthy Rollo Treadway (Keaton) books a honeymoon sailing for two to Honolulu, but when his sweetheart Betsy rejects him, he decides to take the voyage alone. He mistakenly boards wrong ship, the “Navigator,” which happens to be owned by Betsy’s father who gets kidnapped moments before the boat sets sail—with only Betsy and Rollo aboard. Hijinks and hide-and-seek on the high seas (and below) ensue as the two join rather inept forces to battle everything from killer swordfish to cannibals. Keaton’s second biggest box office success was reportedly his personal favorite—for the underwater scenes in particular. This restoration also boasts new orchestral score by Robert Israel.

New York Premiere 2K restoration

Preceded by:

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