The Old Dark House

1932, 72m, 4K DCP, US

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Screened October 6–17, 2017

In the midst of his genre-defining run as horror auteur, director James Whale reunited with his Frankenstein star Boris Karloff for a twisted tale — based on a J.B. Priestley novel — that would set the standard for blending terror and dark humor. As an eerie butler, Karloff is just one of the “uh-oh” signifiers for travelers Melvyn Douglas, Charles Laughton, Raymond Massey, Lillian Bond, and Gloria Stuart as they are stranded by a storm in a mysterious mansion somewhere in Wales. Inside, the family Femm, headed by Ernest Thesiger (later Dr. Pretorius for Whale in Bride of Frankenstein), has, er, unusual hospitality instincts…Originally released in time for Halloween, we present for the season once again. A Cohen Film Collection release

Theatrical premiere engagement of 4K restoration

A film by James Whale

Glorious… do what you can to see the horror classic on the big screen again.”

Edgar Wright