Wings of the Morning

1937, U.K., 90m, 2K DCP

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Screened February 9, 2022

The first British feature shot in full Technicolor, Wings of the Morning is an enchanting rendition of Donn Byrne’s fables of life and love among the gypsy wagons and lordly manors of Europe in a bygone era. French film star Annabella portrays a beautiful young Romany girl who, to fulfill the prophecy of her ancestors, must marry a nobleman. She defies the hand of fate, however, when she becomes enamored with a Canadian horse trainer (Henry Fonda) and joins forces with him to enter the Derby on a gypsy horse named Wings. This 2K DCP restoration has been digitally remastered from a mint-condition 35mm Technicolor print and preserves the sumptuous beauty of Ray Rennahan’s cinematography and the timeless charm of this sparkling romantic adventure.

A film by Harold D. Schuster