A Face in the Crowd: Remembering Lee Remick

Registering on-screen with instantaneous appeal, Lee Remick’s blonde beauty blinded some to how achingly affecting she could and would be. Adept at song and dance, the Massachusetts native had by her teenage years debuted on both Broadway and TV before the movies beckoned. From her first big screen role in Elia Kazan’s A Face in the Crowd to her Oscar-nominated performance in Blake Edwards’ Days of Wine and Roses, Remick was always comfortable in her own skin and confident that her talent was a more valuable asset than her looks. She was gifted at portraying a full range of emotions and illuminating the choices her characters made—sometimes the right ones painfully, sometimes the wrong ones even more painfully. On what would have been her 84th birthday, the Quad invites you to revisit several of Remick’s finest characterizations as complements to her showcase turn in Merchant Ivory’s The Europeans, opening December 20th in a 40th anniversary restoration.

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