Down & Dirty N.Y.C.

As the turbulent close of the 1960s exploded mores and challenged morals in the U.S., filmmakers found inspiration (and perspiration) in and around New York City. Whether native New Yorkers or not, writers and directors were drawn to make it there, and not anywhere else — telling stories set amidst suddenly meaner streets and perceived urban blight. But with actors undergoing their own changes in performing styles as a new breed of talent got cast in major movies, empathy for potentially marginalized characters came into play.

The Quad invites you to step back onto the seedier side of 1970s streets, when “Fun City” was a rollercoaster for residents and visitors alike. From the crime-ridden Times Square of yesteryear to the white-brick residential buildings of the Upper East Side that still stand today, this series — incorporating new 4K DCP presentations of select titles — covers territory that could be terrifying yet also life-changing.

Past Screenings