Radical Presence: Anne Wiazemsky

As a teenager, Anne Wiazemsky was introduced by a family friend to French filmmaker Robert Bresson, who immediately cast her in Au hasard Balthazar. On set Bresson’s advice to the rest of his “models” was simply, “Watch Anne.” She emerged as a crucial screen player to Jean-Luc Godard, who she married, before acting for Pasolini. The granddaughter of Nobel literature laureate François Mauriac, Wiazemsky transitioned to writing: her 2015 book One Year Later recollected the making of La Chinoise and her marriage to Godard, and served as the basis for the new Godard Mon Amour (opening April 20). After her passing last October at 70, the Quad pays tribute to Wiazemsky’s captivating presence. In performance after performance, you can’t help but watch her.

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