Woman, Warrior, Saint: Joan of Arc Onscreen

For more than six centuries, Joan of Arc has towered over women in the historical record. Throughout the last century of cinema, Joan has been brought to the screen multiple times; her larger-than-life story would seem almost tailor-made for the movies, what with its humble beginnings, triumphant middle, and martyred end. Her lifespan was a mere 19 years and yet any telling of her story yields fascinating disparities, largely because she defied definition. The latest filmmaker to explore Joan’s life is countryman Bruno Dumont; his musical drama Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc, starring Lise Leplat Prudhomme, opens at the Quad on April 13th. To complement his take on Joan, we present a range of depictions, many with celebrated directors guiding stellar actresses through individualized interpretations of the icon. While Joan may forever loom too large for a definitive cinematic statement, these films all enhance an appreciation—and the eternal resonance—of her legend.

Past Screenings