The Beguiling Bujold

The career of French-Canadian national treasure Geneviève Bujold, who recently celebrated her 75th birthday, resists easy categorization. A bilingual talent whose screen presence oscillates between wry vulnerability and quiet intensity, she was hand-picked by Alain Resnais for her non-Canadian debut in The War Is Over and shared the screen with Jean-Paul Belmondo in The Thief of Paris. She immediately went on to make an international splash with King of Hearts and her Oscar-nominated performance in the period drama Anne of the Thousand Days, but then walked away from a studio contract to pursue more independent projects. With a career of left turns that resulted in unforgettable roles in a series of high profile ’70s thrillers and independent film landmarks of the ’80s, Bujold is a standout blend of glamor and integrity, exhibiting a depth that transcends borders and budgets.

Past Screenings